Saturday, June 16, 2012


Hello and welcome to the blog at Focus on Hair! I’m Kay Ross, the editor and chief for, an online hair and beauty magazine that is set to launch early 2013.

What’s Coming!
Focus on Hair (& Beauty) is an online hair and beauty magazine that will offer hairstyle, cut and color trends, salon and hair artist spotlights, product features, reviews and recommendations as well as the latest in celeb-oriented style.

Viewers will be able to look through a comprehensive and searchable database of hairstyles featuring multiple views of each look as well as styling and product use advice. You will be able to browse by face shape, hair type or texture, length, color, finish or occasion and check out suggested looks just for you. will also offer the latest hair products and tools, sorting by type, function and popularity, so you can rate the products or simply see what others have to say. Compare brands, ingredients and performance and even enter to win on-going product giveaways……

In the mean time, we’re thrilled to bring you a hair-focused blog to give you a taste of things to come!

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