Wednesday, July 25, 2012

Sky Valley Farms Lotions Review

Lotion Notion
Yummy Delights by Sky Valley Farms

Wandering through the back roads in rural Southern California, my girlfriends and I stumbled upon a handful of cute boutique-like stores with wonderful handmade wares. Naturally we parked and went inside to check out all they had to offer, escaping the heat, and yes, even finding a restroom for the long trip home.

When entering one of the stores, we were immediately drawn to the scent of a specific table, which overflowed with handmade soaps and lotions. We started by sniffing the delicately wrapped soaps and found our way to the array of lotion bottles lined up and waiting. The caps were toggled one by one and passed between us, each taking a deep whiff and passing it along, gleefully announcing the scent with each pass. We salivated at the aroma of vanilla, and then apricot, on to orange clove, cranberry almond, and yummy apple cinnamon. We squealed like schoolgirls with each new find, one outdoing the next, and then the next.

The very last bottle beckoned my specific attention and upon opening and barely inhaling, I was instantly transported back to warm, breezy summer nights, gardenia-laced gardens, and silly laughter with friends with the freshly tan faces of my youth. Coming back to my senses I glanced at the label, reading out loud, Gardenia Tuberose by Sky Valley Farm, which has remained etched in my mind ever since. I bought the only bottle besides the tester and stashed it away for later use.

Forgetting my great find, I stumbled upon the shopping bag days later and gave it a try. The scent that had sold me was actually outdone by the moisturizing benefit of this handmade wonder. It smoothed on so very easily and absorbed into my skin leaving a supple and soft-to-the-touch finish. Years later and many, many bottles to my credit, this is now my go-to lotion for epidermal feel-goodness. Its delicate scent perks up Monday blues, reminds me of summer fun on droll, endless days and is perfect for date night…I can forget the perfume, slather this wonder butter on and wait for his reaction! Yummy!

Much to my delight, Sky Valley Farm offers an amazing array of handmade soaps and lotions (although you know my personal favorite). If you are looking for that special gift or a specific scent for yourself, check them out online:

About Sky Valley Farms
Sky Valley Farm’s soap maker, Claude Poissonniez, is a native of Belgium and a classically trained chef. His love of herbs and edible flowers prompted him to search for unique ways to extend his creativity beyond the kitchen. After much experimentation, his natural soap recipes are a skillful balance of fragrance, beauty, and texture combined with the natural health benefits of herbs.

Claude grows many of his own herbs and flowers organically and combines them with essential oils, fragrances, spices and natural clays. Unique "flavors" such as Raspberry Mint, Orange Clove, and Apricot Vanilla, come directly from his cooking background. Classic fragrances such as Rose Petal (with real rose petals), Gardenia Tuberose, Vanilla Oatmeal, Lavender Bran, and Calendula Lemongrass join his seasonal "menu" for a truly diverse product line. Holiday choices include Christmas Pine, Pumpkin Spice, Cinnamon Swirl, and Apple Cinnamon. Spring Choices include Watermelon, Lilac, and Strawberry.

Claude has appeared with Lynette Jennings on the Discovery Channel and Carol Duval on HGTV. Claude's chef background includes Grand Valfour in Paris, Cat Key Club in the Bahamas, The Fairmont in Atlanta, The Four Seasons Hotel in Boston, The Highlands Inn in Carmel California, La Valencia in La Jolla California, as well as chef instructor at The New England Culinary Institute.

There is something for everyone in Claude's kitchen!

Disclosure: I purchased my own product for this review. There was no compensation in any form. The opinions expressed are my own personal and honest opinions.