Saturday, August 4, 2012

Enjoy Instant Reconstructor Review

Give Hair Strength & Elasticity 
Let's admit it ladies...we abuse our hair! We overdo our tender tresses with overheated hot tools, constant teasing, stress points from too many ponytails and constant primping, not to mention perpetual color mood swings! I personally go from dark to light in the spring and lighter yet in the summer, and then spend too much unprotected time in the sun. There are highlights on top of highlights for me, which is never good for hair. I always find myself in need of hair repair and have made it my mane objective (get it?) to find some of the best remedies on the market.

I recently tried something new (to me), called Enjoy Instant Reconstructor. According to the information provided with the sample product, it's designed to work with all hair types. It's a color-safe everyday conditioner that is great to use before and after all chemical treatments (hmmmm, should tell my colorist). Low molecular weight keratin amino acids (90-150mw) penetrate and repair dry, brittle, weak and overly processed hair (yup, that's me). 

I started by working the thick cream onto my clean, damp hair and combed it through like the directions suggested, drying and styling as usual. I found my hair to be softer, less coarse feeling and easier to manage when styling. My hair was noticeably easier to comb out when wet, and softer to the touch after styling. There was less frizz and the areas that have been highlighted over and over again didn't feel brittle any more...And my hair still had volume. So many intensive conditioners tend to weigh down my hair, but this one did not. I think I found the right balance (protein vs moisture) for me!

If you are interested in trying this wonder worker for yourself, check out their salon locator at

Disclosure: The representing PR company provided  sample products in exchange for a possible review. The opinions expressed in this post are my own.


  1. I love Enjoy products ..... it is amazing the difference in my hair since I started using the Enjoy products!

  2. I love Enjoy products and use them for all family members!