Sunday, October 21, 2012

Curlfiends - Options for CurlyGirls (and Guys too)

A New BFF for Your Curly Q's

For curlies who love their hair, there's CurlFriends. This comprehensive hair care collection includes shampoos, conditioners, serum, and styling products to help define curls and banish frizz for smooth, healthy locks.

A shampoo to use daily, Curlfriends Cleanse Shampoo cleanses, detangles and moisturizes your curly hair. Luxurious shampoo formula feeds and revitalizes dry and damaged curly hair. Sage conditions, eliminates frizz, detangles and moisturizes while Aloe and Vitamin E stimulate growth and promote shine. Rosemary helps prevent dandruff and hair loss-- simply the best!

Curlfriends Nourish Rinse Out Conditioner is ideal to use daily to hydrate thirsty curls and tame frizz. It restores health and shine to hair while also eliminating frizz. Sea Mud conditions and repairs curls while seaweed nourishes curls with for much healthier hair. It balances moisture, eliminates frizz, and protects against split ends so curls are defined and shiny.

Made especially for thick, kinky, coarse, dry or processed hair, Curlfriends Replenish Leave-In Conditioner restores moisture to the driest of hair to create supple, silky curls. Use daily if your curly hair is thick, kinky, coarse, dry or processed. Smoothes the surface of the hair and produces a soft feel. Replenishes moisture and detangles hair, eliminate frizz without adding body during humid conditions. Deep penetrating cream rebuilds and provides conditioning for damaged curly hair while Sage stimulates growth.

For extremely damaged or over-processed hair, apply a liberal amount of Replenish Leave-In Conditioner 20 minutes before shampooing. Shampoo and towel dry. Reapply to damp hair for an additional ten minutes, then rinse. Finally, apply a small amount of cream to dry or damp hair and leave in. Simply the best!

Curlfriends Seduce Pomade caresses hair and defines curls so they last all day. It leaves hair soft, shiny and full of body. Use to create texture needed for curly hair updos and "up" hairstyles Lightweight and never leaves hair feeling crunchy.

Curlfriends Rejuvenate Texturizing Mist enhances curls, restores bounce and adds volume. Rosemary helps to prevent dandruff and hair loss. This mist rejuvenates limp curls fights frizz and controls static.

Use Curlfriends Control Gel daily to calm curls and keep out unwanted moisture when the air is humid. Keeps out unwanted moisture that causes out of control hair and frizz. Wheat Protein for enhanced curl retention in any weather while Rosemary prevents dandruff and hair loss.

OK, so what exactly are these revolutionary salon products and how do they make curly hair soft, shiny and sexy? Simple...CurlFriends is a comprehensive scientific system of high quality, natural salon hair care products that provide extra special conditioning specifically designed for any degree of curly, dry or unmanageable hair for men, women or children. You should see results in minutes. That's why Curlfriends is known by salon professionals as "The Frizz Beater".

If you don't happen to have curly hair, you are still in luck. Although CurlFriends is a comprehensive system of hair care products specifically designed for the special conditioning needs of curly hair, it is also wonderful for dry, damaged or generally unmanageable hair.

Curly & Frizzy Hair Tips 

  • Never wrap your hair in a towel like a turban. This bends the hair shaft and causes hair breakage. Instead, place the towel on your head like a veil and gently squeeze out excess moisture.
  • Comb conditioner through your hair while you’re still in the shower. Then rinse. This makes sure the product is distributed evenly and makes combing your wet hair a breeze. 
  • Control Gel works just as well in dry climates like Colorado and Arizona. 
  • For added shine, add extra drops of Tame Smoothing Serum when hair is dry. Use Rejuvenate Texturizing Mist on days when you do not shampoo your hair to revive your curls and give them a fresh, bouncy look. 
  • Before applying a styling or finishing product to your hair, really rub the product into your hands as if you were applying hand cream. This will help you to control the product and distribute evenly. 
  • Shine Hair Gloss can be used to detangle and condition hair. Apply 4-6 drops to hands and massage into damp hair for 1 minute. Comb through using a wide-toothed comb. 
  • Try not to shampoo every day. The natural oils in your scalp are beneficial to the health of your hair. 
  • Not all stylists know how to cut curly hair. Before getting your curls cut, call the salon to find out if they have a curly hair specialist. 
  • Save even more time by creating your own curl potion. Mix a dime-sized amount of Replenish Leave-In Conditioner, dime-sized amount of Control Gel and 4 drops of Tame Smoothing Serum in the palm of your hand. Rub together and apply to wet hair. Comb through and go.
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