Sunday, December 16, 2012

Cricket Ultra Smooth Combs

Infused Combs Offer Luster-Filled Smoothing Benefits

You've heard of adding keratin and or treatment oils to your hair while styling...Now there's a unique delivery system that saves you time, effort and even cost. Cricket offers a line of Ultra Smooth combs that are infused with argan oil, olive oil and keratin protein. It's a new concept in hair care that helps deliver healthy benefits with each stroke while reducing frizz, adding shine and smoothness.

Argan oil helps hydrate and repair damaged hair while smoothing the hair cuticle for a conditioned, healthy look. Olive oil delivers luxurious shine while leaving hair soft, silky, and smooth and Keratin provides improved strength, shine, and manageability while reducing frizz. 

The Cricket Ultra Smooth combs improve strength, shine, and manageability of hair leaving strands soft, silky, and smooth. Ergonomically designed, each of the four types glide easily through hair
but do not leave residue on your hands

Ultra Smooth Combs come in four types.

Ultra Smooth Detangler Comb is 
designed for thick, long hair and is ideal for detangling wet or dry hair. 

Ultra Smooth Dressing Comb is best for everyday use — ideal for styling, cutting and daily grooming.

Ultra Smooth Pick Comb is designed for curly or thick medium to long hair. It lifts and adds volume without combing.

Ultra Smooth Conditioning Comb is designed for mid-length, long or thick hair. It separates hair easily without combing out body.

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