Thursday, December 20, 2012

TEXTURE - Hairstyle Trends

Hello Wave - Textured Looks for Hair 
Curl, bend, wave, kink and coil….Soft texture for hair is big! It’s not your mother’s poodle-perm or overly stiff coils with exaggerated silhouettes. Texture today is more about delicate internal movement that accents current cuts and color. Natural texture is embraced while overly smooth, stuck-to-your-head styles are now a thing of the past. Body, volume and soft movement with an array of styling options is in. 

For your new textured hairstyle, look to the salon professionals at Fantastic Sams for guidance. And, let this collection of movement-friendly styles inspire your curl desire.

The Looks
1. For Alexandra’s naturally straight hair, stylist Linda Morrell of Fantastic Sams in Norco, California started a shoulder length blunt cut and added some graduated layers. FantasticStyle Nourishing Serum, Firm Hold Gel and Smoothing Gel were layered on before rough-drying with her fingers to remove the moisture. Next, Linda curled sections of dry hair with a large iron, alternating the curl direction. 

2. Wassan Sano of Fantastic Sams in Huntington Beach, California started Alison’s curly look by cutting an A-line bob and infusing some dimension with warm shades of brown and blonde. Wassan applied FantasticStyle X-treme Gel on damp hair and blow-dried with a round brush. Next, after adding a finger wave through the front, she misted Shaping Spray onto ½-inch vertical sections and wrapped each section around a small curling iron, alternating the curl direction back and forth. A dab of Pomade was rubbed onto her hands before running her fingers through the hair to break up the sections. 

3. To dress up any length of hair, consider adding some glossy curls. Miriam Palacios of Fantastic Sams in Ontario, California wrapped small sections of Casandra’s dry hair tightly around a medium curling iron and then finger-styled the coils into place for a picture-perfect finish. 

4. For Daisy, Eneyda Puente of Fantastic Sams in Corona, California started with long layers and subtle highlights. She applied FantasticStyle Nourishing Serum and Firm Hold Gel onto damp hair and then, avoiding the first several inches starting at the roots, set the length on spiral rollers. Once completely dry, the rollers were undone and a wide-toothed comb was run through the curls to create a fingerwave effect.

5. Stylist Bridgett Inmon of Fantastic Sams in Marina Del Rey, California started this flared-outward look utilizing Ashley’s long layers with forward graduation. She applied FantasticStyle Nourishing Serum, Smoothing Gel and Styling Foam, layering each onto damp hair before blow-drying with a paddle brush. Bridgett flat ironed the top and loosely curled the rest of the hair away from the face, misting with Shine Spray and Finishing Spray to finalize the hairstyle.

6. Barely-there waves give Kiara’s length hairstyle soft movement. Berenise Guzman of Fantastic Sams in Corona, California started with smooth, dry hair and loosely curled large sections with a medium iron, alternating the direction of the curl for a subtle wave.

7. For Juliana, stylist Magda Nieblas of Fantastic Sams in Corona, California started with naturally fine, wavy hair. She framed Julina’s face with highlights and added shattered layers to her lengthy strands. After rough-drying with her fingers to remove the moisture, Magda misted FantsticStyle Shaping Spray onto one-inch sections before wrapping each around a medium iron, creating a series of barrel curls away from her face.

8. A messy diagonal part and wandering waves give Kristine’s shoulder-touching hairstyle soft movement. Guadalupe Mariscal of Fantastic Sams in Corona, California started with FantasticStyle Nourishing Serum and Styling Foam, layering each on before blow-drying with a round brush. Thermal Guard was then misted onto medium sections, which were each curled away from the face in front and in alternating directions in back.

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