Sunday, January 20, 2013

Color Trends for Fashion - Winter 2013

Winter Color Inspirations From the Runway

According to our fashion-focused friends at Color Solutions International (CSI), color preferences are a tangible reflection of our view of the world and the things that have priority in daily life. 

In today’s markets, retailers have created displays blooming in bright colors, giving some hint that perhaps we are happier and more satisfied with the directions the world is taking. Or perhaps, these colors are a hint of a desire for change - A longing for brighter days ahead. Are the current bold colors simply a fashion fad or a reflection of something deeper – a need to be noticed, a desire to find our unique place in a rapidly changing world?

In the Fall/Winter 2013 Inspirations, CSI is proud to share their vision of future color direction. Bold favorites were selected to take the forefront of this season’s color palettes ranging from rich cobalt blue, deep magenta, electric yellow, royal purple, bright coral, and classic red. To give a deeper dimension to these options, they added more subtle and definitely elegant shades to complement these more intense prominent colors. 
Whether you are happy and content or longing for better days ahead, this season’s colors wait to be discovered.

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