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Drybar's Namesake Products & Tools

 Drybar Debuts Product Line 

Introducing Drybar - a brand new “blow dry bar” concept created around a very simple idea: No cuts. No color. Just blowouts. With 25 locations and growing throughout California, Arizona, New York, Washington DC and Georgia, the concept of a blowout-only salon is catching on. Now, the popular chain is launching their own line of products with everything from cleansing, conditioning and styling products and tools, all with the signature Drybar style. 

The Product Line 

HAPPY HOUR Blowout Shampoo
The key to a great blowout starts with really clean hair! Dirty, oily hair never blows out well and the style won't last as long. Happy Hour Blowout Shampoo removes product buildup, residue and impurities. Natural cleansing properties are gentle and won’t strip color from hair. 
Paraben and sulfate free, this formula lathers generously and gives hair a bouncy, full and healthy look.

HAPPY HOUR Weightless Conditioner 
It’s important to condition. Don’t be scared! This ultra light formula won’t weigh your roots or ends down. It provides instant and easy detangling to avoid damage from excessive combing and helps prevent dryness associated with split ends and rugged cuticles. 
Happy Hour Weightless Conditioner penetrates deep into the hair fiber for long-lasting hair nourishment. 

HOT TODDY Heat Protector and Frizz Fighter
Protect your hair! Use before your blowout to create a breathable, protective barrier against heat. 
Restorative formula helps condition and repair hair, fights frizz by sealing the ends and naturally enhances shine and promotes bounce. Use Hot Toddy Heat Protector and Frizz Fighter frequently to help maintain natural sheen and strength. 

DETOX Dry Shampoo
Prolong your blowout! Detox Dry Shampoo absorbs oils and adds body and lift. It leaves hair feeling fresh and clean. Micro powder blends in with hair color leaving no white residue.

100 PROOF Treatment Oil
Provides amazing shine and helps rejuvenate dry and damaged hair. It’s the magic finisher you can use on any blowout, and can be reapplied throughout the day as needed. You’ll want to keep one of these in your purse!
100 Proof Treatment Oil brings dry and dull hair back to life.Virtually weightless, it works on all hair types – even fine hair – without weighing it down. It creates shine and seals ends to eliminate frizz and flyaways. The ultimate multi-tasker, it's perfect for mixing or layering (we stylists call this "cocktailing"). 

CREAM SODA Smoothing Cream
Get your hair to do exactly what you want it to do! This versatile styling cream  keeps hair in place without looking or feeling stiff. 
Great for all hair types, it hydrates, smoothes and adds shine and elasticity for healthier looking hair.

Volumizing Mousse 
Southern Belle Volumizing Mousse provides flexible, long-lasting volume. This feather light, velvety formula wraps each hair strand to create tons of volume. Never stiff, crunchy or heavy this mousse is formulated to protect hair while blow-drying it.

MONEY MAKER Flexible Hold Hairspray
It’s good to be flexible! This flexible hold spray provides workable yet long-lasting hold to keep hairstyles in place all day. Hair can be brushed out, so you can reapply as needed. It won’t flake up and washes out easily. Spray with force for more control.

The Tool Line 

BUTTERCUP Blow dryer

The official dryer used at Drybar, their mascot and the ultimate blow-drying tool! It's super powerful and ultra lightweight. With an 1875 watt motor, this baby gets the job done fast. Conditioning Nano Beads seal the cuticle leaving hair noticeably silky, smooth and frizz free. NanoIonic™ minerals hydrate and condition hair while negative ions naturally cleanse and freshen hair.

This little baby gets straight to the point. The extra thin design makes it easy to get right down to the roots and the BioCeramic heaters ensure constant heat to get the job done quickly. NanoIonic™ minerals condition and hydrate by penetrating H20 molecules into the hair while infrared energy shines and smoothes hair from the inside out.

THE 3-DAY BENDER Curling Iron
This is a 3-day bender you won’t regret! Rotating barrel makes curling hair quick and easy. Just clamp hair and then rotate barrel between your fingers. It's that simple! 
The dual BioCeramic heaters allow for quick styling without damage. NanoIonic™ Mineral Technology helps set and keep curls in place while infrared energy seals and smoothes the cuticle, reducing the “frizzies.” The 1" barrel is a standard size; the 1.25" barrel is for those with LOTS of hair who want larger curls. 

HOLD ME Hair Clips
Mandatory tool alert! This handy clips hold large amounts of hair, which makes sectioning easy. “Alligator jaw” design keeps the hair securely in place.

HALF PINT  Small Round Brush
Ceramic barrel heats up from the blow dryer, dramatically helping to set curls and create volume making it like having a curling iron inside your brush. The perforated barrel allows airflow, decreasing overall drying time. NanoIonic™ minerals condition, reduce frizz/flyaways, and help remove odors. With a nonslip grip handle, this incredibly lightweight brush adds noticeable luster and shine. 

FULL PINT Medium Round Brush
It's like having a curling iron inside your brush! Ceramic barrel heats up from the blow dryer, dramatically helping to set curls and create volume. The perforated barrel allows airflow, decreasing overall drying time. 
NanoIonic™ minerals condition, reduce frizz/flyaways, and help remove odors. With a nonslip grip handle, this incredibly lightweight brush adds noticeable luster and shine. 

The ultimate detangler for wet and dry hair, this brush 
conditions and creates shine.The Lemon Drop Flat Brush combs through tangles with ease. Great for brushing out extensions, this game-changer features a lightweight soft-touch handle.

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