Monday, January 7, 2013

Haircolor Fix-it Feature

The Color Guru 
When it comes to color correction for hair, many look to Todd Snow for help. A highly trained color specialist, Todd has spent the past 25 years of his career fine-tuning his craft. Behind the chair at two busy Southern California salons, he specializes in color correction, color matching and the fine art of makeovers. 

“Sometimes the most subtle change in tone can make all of the difference in the world,” states Todd, “ but much of what I see on a daily basis involves correcting color done elsewhere, or even worse, at home. It takes a refined eye to capture the right balance of color and contrast for one’s skin tone and features. I would hope women would want a skilled artist working on their most valuable asset. It is, after all, their hair!” 

Case in Point 
When Hanna came to Todd, she had a basic bob shape with very damaged hair. It was over processed from color treatments done elsewhere and the overly blond shade simply made her look pale and washed out. She did not know what to do to get the look she really wanted.

Todd started her new look by applying a rich chocolate brown with a soft shimmer of gold throughout - A much more appealing shade for her coloring and skin tone.

Todd also cleaned up her style by point cutting the ends and slide cutting through the interior for soft movement. This added shape and textured volume on top. Next he added slightly asymmetric baby bangs, which went in one direction while the rest of the hair went in another. 

Credits: Hair: Todd Snow, Makeup: Sara Wayne, Photo: Taggart Winterhalter for Purely Visual 
To create a fun, kicked out and piece-y style, a nickel-size amount each of leave in conditioner and styling lotion was worked through her damp strands. Several shots of volumizing spray were used at the root while styling spray was misted on all over. Todd blew the hair dry with a round brush while pulling up at the root for lift. He finished with a light hairspray for soft hold and then pieced through the ends with a dab of soy paste. 

Credits:  Hair: Todd Snow, Makeup: Sara Wayne, Photo: Taggart Winterhalter for Purely Visual 

For a more sleek take, a flat iron was smoothed through the dry hair and then pomade was used to define piece-y bits on the edges and around her face. 

In the end, Hanna was very happy with her new look. It was a rich tone that brightened up her face and brought attention to her best features. This shiny new look, thanks to Todd Snow, gave her an absolute sense of confidence.

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