Thursday, January 10, 2013

New Hair Product Line in the MIX

INDIE HAIR Styling Collection

INDIE HAIR is a fresh new line of seven bold products designed to give you the freedom to mix products, change up your look and customize a style to suit your mood.

Each product is spiked with My Indie Complex (MIX), a custom blend of key ingredients specifically designed to amplify style and give blah hair strength, moisture, shine or whatever it needs to bounce back. Use alone or mix products together to remix your style. 

All INDIE HAIR products are color-safe, gentle for all hair types and contain all gluten-free and paba-free formulas.

The range consists of:

  • Hair spray #superfirm
  • Polish #mixitsoft
  • Gel #mixitstrong
  • Putty clay #wreckit
  • Powder #round2
  • Shampoo_bodywash #cleansweep
  • Conditioner #untangled 
Try them all and tweet your favorites @myindiehair #myindiehair

Disclosure: No compensation was offered or taken in exchange for this feature article. I have no affiliation to any of these brands mentioned.


  1. This sounds awesome! My hair could use some body and oomph, going to give this a try,great review!

  2. Nice! I'll definitely be looking these products up some more. I want to see if the powder is the volumizing powder I love

  3. Never heard of this brand before, thanks for sharing with us. :) Love their logo design, it's eye catching.

  4. First time I have seen this brand of hair products, will have to keep my eye out for them!


    I'd like to try the Putty, would be great for spiking hair.

  6. Love their marketing. And the MIX looks interesting. My hair is flat, like Wednesday Adams. Might be a good thing to try out.