Monday, February 18, 2013

Anti-Aging Hair Care System by G Melé

G Melé Anti-Aging Hair Care System
Giovanni Melé, owner of Giovanni & Pileggi Salon in Philadelphia, created this revolutionary hair care system to turn back the clock on aging hair. His new product line fights the leading causes of aging hair – biological and environmental factors, stress, chemical treatments, haircolor and heat styling – to take hair from dull and brittle to soft and manageable. The sulfate-free and color safe G Melé® Anti-Aging Hair Care System replenishes lost proteins and lipids to add moisture, shine and renewed youth to hair. 

G Melé Anti-Aging Shampoo
Step 1 in the G Melé Anti-Aging Hair Care System

Anti-Aging Shampoo: will gently cleanse and replenish moisture, while riding the hair of dirt, oil and residue from styling products. The gentle formula won’t strip color as it cleanses, prolonging the time between touch-ups and helping to maintain natural tones and highlights of treatment-free hair. Free of harsh chemicals that can strip hair making it more susceptible to dryness, breakage and color fading; G Mele Anti-Aging Shampoo is a necessity for those who use chemical straightening procedures. 

 10fl oz size $19.99

G Melé Anti-Aging Conditioner
Step 2 in the G Melé Anti-Aging Hair Care System

Anti-Aging Conditioner: strengthens and replenishes hairs moisture with lipids and natural sugars, leaving it more resistant to breakage. Overall hair will appear shinier, healthier and more youthful. G Mele Anti-Aging Conditioner locks in color and prevents fading, whether you color treat or not. 

 10fl oz size $19.99

G Melé Anti-Aging Styling Foundation Prep Spray
Step 3 in the G Melé Anti-Aging Hair Care System

Anti-Aging Styling Foundation Prep Spray: softens and protects the hair’s surface layer, creating the ideal foundation for styling. It creates instant shine, volume, and silkiness and activates hair “memory” making it more manageable and easier to style. G Mele Anti-Aging Styling Foundation Prep Spray offers UV protection to prolong the vibrancy of natural and color-treated hair while preventing damage. 

 7fl oz size $19.99

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  1. That stuff looks great, gotta try it out!

  2. These products would work great for my color treated hair for sure!