Wednesday, March 13, 2013

Olivia Garden Kerabrush Collection

Olivia Garden Kerabrush Collection 

Keratin straightening treatments can cost upwards of $600 depending upon the salon, hair length and how curly or kinky your hair is. Yikes! Protect your mini-investment, while maintaining your beautiful, new straight locks with Olivia Garden’s new Kerabrush Collection. 

The Kerabrush Collection offers four different brushes (3 round brushes and 1 double-vented) – each specifically made to style and care for straight hair. Featuring a stunning color combination of sea breeze blue and silver, each Kerabrush prolongs and preserves the life of your Keratin treatment and creates effortless, healthy and long-lasting hairstyles.


The Tournaline Ion Technology bristles minimize friction on Keratin-coated hair by gently gliding through when detangling, brushing or simply styling. No hot metal surfaces come in contact with hair which your stylist will tell you is a big no-no after a Keratin treatment. The ionic bristles also help hydrate the cuticle, add more shine and luster, and eliminate frizz and flyaways. In addition, each brush features anti-static properties, and has smooth ball-point tips that provide comfort to the hair and scalp. Large vents evenly distribute blow-dryer’s airflow leading to quicker dry time. 

The Double-Sided Vent Brush offers a unique combination of long bristles on one side and shorter bristles on the other. This provides the user with a tool that is great for both styling and detangling. The longer bristles are for longer locks; the shorter sides are for shorter styles, bangs and neck area. 

Each brush also features a unique snag-free ring, retractable sectioning pick, easy-grip ergonomic handle, lightweight body for effortless styling and a lifetime warranty against manufacturer’s defects.

The Kerabrush collection will be available first quarter 2013. For more information on these and all of Olivia Garden’s products, please visit

About Olivia Garden

For nearly four decades, Olivia Garden has been an industry leader in the beauty industry. With their professional-quality brushes, salon apparel, hair curlers and related accessories for salon professionals and consumers, alike, Olivia Garden products are sold worldwide at beauty salons and through an exclusive distributor network.

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  1. I need this brush!! Been looking for a better brush, and I found it :)