Friday, April 12, 2013

Biotera Dry Shampoo from Naturelle


NEW Biotera Dry Shampoo from Naturelle

Skip the wash and rinse routine with new Biotera Dry Shampoo from Naturelle, a Division of Zotos Inc.

Whether you’re running late for post-gym plans, want to sleep in a few extra minutes or just don’t have time to suds up your strands, new Biotera Dry Shampoo gives you fresh from the shower hair— no water required!

The new formula is part of the Naturelle Biotera line, salon-quality botanical hair care that marries nature and science to give you the daily boost of protection, strength and moisture your hair needs to stay healthy.

This undetectable aerosol spray cleans and refreshes hair without washing, while extending the longevity of your style and the number of days you can go between washes. It absorbs excess oils and product buildup, so hair looks grease-free and full of
natural-looking body in no time.

Best of all, the formula leaves no trace on your tresses: it’s completely invisible, unlike powders that can leave residue, and works on any hair color.

It couldn’t be easier to freshen up your tresses: just shake well, hold the can 8-12”from the head and spray lightly and evenly onto the scalp and hair, concentrating on the roots. Two minutes later, just brush out or comb through with your fingers, and style as desired.

Biotera Dry Shampoo can be found at and purchased at Sally Beauty Supply and other beauty supply stores in February of 2013.

For hair that looks just-shampooed in just minutes, pick up the dry cleaning with Biotera Dry Shampoo.

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