Friday, June 14, 2013

UnderCover Hair Styling Spray by White Sands

White Sands UnderCover 
Hair Styling Spray
Unleash Your Inner Secret Agent!

Go 'undercover' on your next hair mission with a gluten & paraben free spray created for hot tool use, blowout perfection and braiding ease!

Introducing the ingenious do-it-all styling spray, UnderCover. White Sands UnderCover Workable Styling Spray unleashes your secret agent powers during your next hair mission with a gluten-free & paraben-free spray providing endless styling options in just one bottle: blowouts, curls, sleek & straight, scrunching, braids, flips, waves & more.

No one will spot you or UnderCover due to its invisibility and barely-there feel powered by its secret strength that holds all day with a frizz-free, high shine finish.

Hot Tool Use
Become a double agent and pair UnderCover with the heat from your favorite hot tools to activate VIP access into the world of Hollywood hair. Flat irons, rollers, and curling wands make for the best secret weapons in your styling arsenal.

Spark up the product's thermal guards and hair color enhancers, while revealing ultimate shine and an incredible humidity resistance for hot tool work revealing a long lasting style enhanced by a sophisticated memory hold system.

Blowout Perfection
Continue to pack the punch and use the heat from your blow dryer to now take charge of your blowout routine and bounce back from bad hair days. Mist your mane with UnderCover and allow the brush to glide effortlessly through tresses as you create salon volume and shine by flipping, twisting, and rolling the bristles to close in on the ultimate blowout win.

Braiding Ease
Your next mission? Braids. From fishtails and waterfalls to French and Dutch, explore the metropolitan options of styling by using UnderCover to weave, loop, or plait. Styles are left with a smooth, shine and frizz free finish the second the spray is brushed through, transforming a simple mist into the supreme base product and braid confidant.

The result? Simply beautiful hair, no matter the style strategy, that will always keep everyone asking, "What's your secret?"!

Price: $21 for 8.5oz via fine salons or

Disclosure: No compensation was offered or taken in exchange for this feature article. I have no affiliation to any of these brands mentioned. 

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