Thursday, July 25, 2013

Hair Trend - Perfect Pin-up

Pin-up Perfection

According to stylist April Price of Annastasia Salon in Portland, Oregon, long hair today is soft, touchable and so very feminine. For up-styles, she sees an array of looks taking hold - Many women want simple styles that offer a personalized statement while others go for bold and solid futuristic shapes with lots of geometry and loads of texture.

When creating these up-styles, April likes to mix things up a bit with texture, doing intricate braiding with smooth hair or adding a tight crimp first and applying larger braids for edginess. She also uses this tight crimp technique just at the base near the scalp when serious lift is needed for otherwise non-crimped styles, all without backcombing.

For this up-style April went for a futuristic boldness with retro wisps and loops. It’s sort of a modern pin-up that sits on a diagonal with a very exaggerated silhouette. April explains the inspiration as ribbon Christmas candy, swooped, looped and boldly rolled and intertwined.

To create this look, April started with a lot of backcombing or teasing to build up the lift at the root and then she smoothed over the surface to direct the hair into shape, pinning everything into place as she worked. The end result is pure perfection!

Annastasia Salon - Portland, Oregon
Hair & Makeup: April Price
Photo: Taggart Winterhalter for Purely Visual

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