Tuesday, October 8, 2013

Hot Roller Feature

Hot Rollers Reinvented

With all of the volumized, super-sexy looks dominating the runways and the desires of women worldwide, we find ourselves returning to an old friend to achieve these looks. Our hot rollers!

Today, hot rollers are much easier to apply! They heat quickly, take advantage of new technology for safer thermal tool use and protect the hair with velvety-soft surfaces. The butterfly clips are much easier to use and the array of roller sizes gives us the option to go curly, wavy or bodified in  a snap!

In celebration of this fashion week fave, here are a few we found to be highly recommended:

Babyliss Pro Nano Titanium 20 roller hairsetter generates gentle, far-infrared heat to eliminate damaging hotspots and leave hair looking healthy. Nano titanium ceramic core generates gentle heat and evenly heats to avoid hotspots.This set includes 20 velvety-flocked rollers, 20 butterfly clips, and 20 color-coded metal clips.  $64.99 

The Hot Tools Tourmaline Hairsetter comes with 20 flocked rollers in three sizes with 20easy-to-use butterfly clips that sit conveniently in the lid of the hairsetter. The flocked roller surface is easy to roll up and firmly grips hair for a better set and the cool touch ends keep from burning your fingers. These hot rollers heat-up fast and are ready to use in minutes. $44.95 

The T3 Voluminous Hot Roller Set been designed with proprietary Tourmaline technology which emits maximum ionic, infrared heat to safely penetrate the hair shaft, effectively styling the hair from the inside out while sealing the hair cuticle against frizz. The velvet flocking along the roller surface enhances the effects of Tourmaline, imparting natural shine to hair during the styling process. The set comes with 8 rollers. $99

We found all three at Folica.

Disclosure: No compensation was offered or taken in exchange for this feature article. I have no affiliation to any of these brands or retailers mentioned and any opinions expressed are my own. 

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  1. I will totally have to try one of these. I havent used rollers on my hair in soooo many years.