Sunday, December 15, 2013

New Year Kick-Off - Intensive Moisture Treatments

Intensive Moisture Treatments 
for Skin & Hair- Giveaway!

We’re really excited to offer a two-for-one giveaway featuring an array of intensive and highly moisturizing treatments for hair and skin by ENJOY Professional Hair Care and their skin line, SKINJOY.

The ENJOY Professional Hair Care retail line consists of 34 innovative and real pH balanced and stable, sulfate-free products that guarantee optimum hair health. They promise longer-lasting and more vibrant color while improving the health of hair and scalp. 

Sulfate-free means that these products do not contain cleansing agents that are stronger than needed for healthy cleansing of hair and skin. pH balanced guarantees that all ENJOY Professional Hair Care products closely match your natural pH level, helping close the cuticle, lock in color and are gentle on your hair and skin. pH stables means that levels of pH in all ENJOY Professional Hair Care products are guaranteed to stay balanced for up to two years. 

ENJOY Hair Care Products Included in this Prize Package:

ENJOY Sulfate Free Hydrating Shampoo - Creates unbelievably smooth and silky hair. Eliminates frizz, moisturizes and detangles with no product build up. Gentle cleansers combined with a pH 4.5-5.5 guarantees long lasting hair color. Perfect for dry, coarse, curly or chemically treated hair. 

ENJOY Hydrating Conditioner – Gives your hair the moisture and conditioning it craves. Creates smoothness, softness and shine. Detangles and eliminates frizz. Color safe for all hair types. Designed to hydrate coarse, curly or overly dry hair.

ENJOY Instant Reconstructor – Must be applied to clean hair. Instantly gives hair new life and vitality. Low molecular weight keratin amino acids (90-150mw) penetrate and repair weak, overly processed hair. Eliminates frizz and prolongs hair color without weighting hair down. Excellent before and after all chemical treatments.

ENJOY Hair Mask – Intensive smoothing mask for enriching dry and unruly hair. Leaves hair soft, silky and easy to manage. For an intense treatment, cover hair with a plastic bag and apply heat for 20 minutes

ENJOY Intensive Hair and Skin Treatment Oil -An intense treatment formula that is incredibly non-greasy, lightweight and alcohol free. It instantly penetrates and absorbs into hair and skin dramatically reducing drying time. Perfect for thick or coarse strands, it smoothes, conditions and seals hair, leaving an amazing shine. It also eliminates frizz, locks in moisture and blocks out humidity.

ENJOY Shine & Smooth – Eliminates frizziness. Makes hair soft and silky without weighing it down. Adds incredible shine and smoothness to any style or hair type. Great for both hair and skin. It locks in moisture while blocking out humidity.

ENJOY Nourishing & Moisturizing Oil - A luxurious blend designed to restore, seal, enhance shine, and improve smoothness to hair and skin. The soft mist of this silicone-free formula creates a restorative shine to hair, is an excellent skin, hand and cuticle oil, and can be added as a booster for an intensive conditioning treatment.

SKINJOY Skin Care Products Included in this Prize Package:

This unique and revolutionary approach to skin care takes the guesswork out of creating and maintaining great skin. SKINJOY is one of the first and only skin care lines to incorporate pH balanced and stable formulas, which are sulfate and methyl paraben-free. Unique antioxidant blends and innovative lipid barrier systems take SKINJOY to the next level for professional skincare services and offer a perfect retailing option exclusively for salons and spas.

SKINJOY Foaming Scrub – Gently cleans and removes dead skin cells without irritation or drying. This unique sulfate-free exfoliator is prefect for all skin types.

SKINJOY Hand and Body Lotion – Smoothes, soothes and hydrates hands and body. A non-greasy formula blended with vitamins and healing ingredients.

SKINJOY Moisturizing Spray – Perfect for all skin types, this after cleansing spray-on moisturizer calms, smoothes and refreshes skin. Is excellent after shaving, waxing, showering, or bathing.

SKINJOY Rejuvenating Cream- In a normal to dry skin formula, this rich cream feature CoQ10, which regenerates and rejuvenates skin. Suggested for daily use, after cleansing apply to face, neck or other problem areas.

SKINJOY Face Finisher – Gives skin a gorgeous, youthful glow. Use as a final step to seal in the skin’s natural essence, while helping to diminish fine lines and wrinkles.
One lucky US-based winner will win all 12 of these hair and skin care products – a $325 retail value! Enter to win below: 

Disclosure: There was compensation taken in exchange for this feature article but any opinions expressed are my own. 

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  1. They all sound great.I think I def need the ENJOY Instant Reconstructor

  2. Wow! There are so many to choose to from and so many that would help! If I had to choose one, I would pick ENJOY Intensive Hair and Skin Treatment Oil because I could use it on both my hair and skin and with winter in full swing, I need moisture! =)

  3. Would like the Skinjoy Moisturizing Spray!

  4. I recently switched to only Enjoy products and my hair is so much healthier! Thank you for making amazing products!

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