Sunday, January 26, 2014

PonyBuns Hair Bun Accessories

Perfect Bun Accessories by PonyBun
If you can pull your hair up into a ponytail then you can wear the PonyBun hair bun. Working with many different hair types, the PonyBun is a simple three-piece hair accessory for women. It offers dancers, yoga enthusiasts or anyone with an active lifestyle a quick way to style an easy up-style. 

This crochet PonyBun hair bun accessory has a flexible pouch to hold your updo hairstyle tight. The metal comb and elastic with plastic bead grip up hairdos firmly and keep your hair snug and in place. One size fits most hair types. 

Using PonyBun Hair Buns in Three Easy Steps:

1. Put your hair in a ponytail and tighten it using the elastic on the PonyBun while leaving the pouch open and hanging down.

2. Swirl your ponytail into a bun and place the bun into the open pouch.

3. Pull the pouch upwards and tuck the comb in at the base of your ponytail so that the curve of the comb molds to the curve of your head.

The crocheted hair accessory comes in brown, white, blonde and hot pink; as well as without rhinestones in black, light pink, violet, light blue and orange, allowing the user to blend it into hair or add a fashion accent. It features a patented three-in-one design, consisting of a ponytail holder attached to a bun cover along with an integrated comb—and no bobby pins are needed.

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