Sunday, March 9, 2014

ER Fusion Anti-Aging Conditioner by White Sands

White Sands ER Fusion Anti-Aging Conditioner 

Color loss, frayed ends and a dull appearance all dramatically age hair prematurely. Mend lifeless locks, brighten and restore hair back to a youthful state with White Sands emergency reconstructive hair treatment ER Fusion. Since this intense anti-aging conditioning treatment deeply replenishes tinsel strength, ER Fusion ensures optimum performance with age reversing results lasting 30 days after each application.

ER Fusion is the perfect compliment to your favorite shampoo. The crème’s unique ingredients create a clear micro-shield to seal in hair color and enhance each strand’s integrity. Utilizing a skin care delivery system, this shield serves as a second breathable skin for hair, delivering moisture from the inside out to eliminate frizz. As nature’s most sophisticated moisturizers, ER Fusion’s weightless quaternaries balance and adjust color. A complex set of amino cystines, the smallest proteins available with strengthening properties, repair damage by absorbing directly into the inside of each strand, whilelemon grass further enhances color with a high gloss. Use with heat for 20 minutes for accelerated results.

Increased flexibility, softness, shine and volume will emerge, guarding against future and current breakage patterns.

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