Tuesday, March 11, 2014

Yasou Skin Care - Moisturizing Treatment Set

Yasou Cellular Day & Cell Renewal Night Cream Moisturizing Treatment 
Have you ever wondered what is the secret of glorious Mediterranean skin? Aside from good genes, the skin of Greek women reflects the nutrients of the region, rich in good fats, acids and important antioxidants. YASOU, a new skin care line, has harnessed all the goodness of Greek ingredients, including pure olive oil, into a transformative and luxurious facial treatment that delivers results.

The new YASOU Face moisturizing treatments deliver a boost of essential, naturally-sourced ingredients combined with our exclusive Calityl-O Complex, to hydrate, replenish and reinvigorate the skin to it’s optimum condition and keep it looking stunning every day.

YASOU Calityl-O Complex in the combination of nature and science: Calityl-O is rich in important antioxidants, which skin craves. YASOU's Calityl-O Complex helps form a protective, nourishing barrier that keeps environmental damage and toxins out, while infusing and keeping moisture of skin in, creating a perfect balance.

Wrinkle and line reduction
Cell renewal
Boosts collagen and elasticity
Smooth texture

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