Wednesday, April 16, 2014

KhairPep Transforme

Strengthen Damaged Hair with New Tool for Salon Professionals

KhairPep strengthens damaged hair by up to 85%; increases hair elasticity by up to 120%; works in 2 to 4 applications and will not rinse out with the next shampoo. KhairPep Transforme products, repair hair damaged by bleaching, coloring, straightening and perms. They are powered by Professor Cavaco-Paulo’s K18 Peptide a new long chain peptide that can penetrate hair fibers and will not wash out. The patented technology is based on peptides, which have been shown to penetrate into hair fibers. These proteins can interact with the lipids in a very specific way and in so doing, bypass the major barriers to entry into hair fibers. KhairPep products can repair damaged hair to a healthier state and restore its cosmetic properties.

Available in two formats:

KhairPep Transforme leave-in Masque is a restorative, intense therapy masque for thicker, drier hair and damaged ends.

KhairPep Transforme leave-in Serum is a high intensity serum treatment for fine hair that is light weight and adds body.
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