Saturday, April 12, 2014

Organic Spiced Up Berries Antioxidant Facial Masque - Balanced Guru

Balanced Guru's Organic Spiced Up Berries Antioxidant Facial Masque 

Colorful berries are a great way to feed your skin with antioxidants! Balanced Guru proudly offers Organic Spiced Up Berries Antioxidant Facial Masque loaded with clove and cinnamon to help fight free radicals and Vitamin C will give an extra boost to help brighten your complexion.

Made with certified organic food grade ingredients, this powder mask reduces the appearance of large pores, tones skin, and calms redness while refining your overall texture and making skin super-soft to the touch – all from the very first use thanks to Acai and Acerola Berries, Clove, Cinnamon, Oatmeal & Vitamin C. 

As a new DIY option, Organic Spiced Up Berries Antioxidant Facial Masque is also customizable, activated by mixing with water, honey, Greek yogurt or toner for the feel of the user's choice. Plus, it smells positively divine, like an exquisite baked berry goodie that is impossible to resist.

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