Monday, June 9, 2014

Joe Grooming Straightening Pomade

Straightening Pomade by Joe Grooming

Tame your coarse or curly hair with this aloe based molding wax from Joe Grooming. Joe Grooming Straightening Pomade is a blend of natural beeswax and gum resin in a moisture-blocking aloe-based paste for a controlled and highly manageable finish. It offers high shine, high hold and is easily rinsed clean without causing product build-up. Joe Grooming Straightening Pomade is the ideal solution for unruly, dry or curly hair.

Joe Grooming is a collection of all natural and organic hair care created specifically for guys, but many gals with shorter hair love it too. The Joe Grooming collection includes shampoos, conditioners and styling products enriched with ingredients like olive oil, gingko biloba and soy proteins to increase hair and scalp health.

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