Monday, September 8, 2014

Serious Skin Care for Men Review

Murad Man Regimen 
Serious Skin Care for Men

Go beyond your typical shaving kit with skin care for men from Murad and the Murad Man Regimen collection. You’ll get all of Murad’s best skin care for guys. Murad Cleansing Shave provides a cleansing and softening process while preparing skin for a great shave. Razor Burn Rescue leaves skin feeling cool, smooth and refreshed, as men’s skin care products should. Finally, Face Defense moisturizes and protects skin from sun and environmental damage all day long.

Murad Man Regimen is used in the locker room of the Los Angeles Dodgers, but don’t just trust some of the best players in Major League Baseball. Experience the results for yourself by using a line of skin care for men products designed by the scientific skin care experts at Murad. Get rid of that old shaving kit and replace it with men’s skin care that makes a difference.

Murad Man Regimen – The Line

Cleansing Shave
This patented antioxidant-rich cleansing formula delivers a closer, smoother, more comfortable shave. It features Murad’s exclusive Beard Softening Complex and Mushroom Enzyme exfoliants to uncover stubborn facial hairs and prepare skin for a superior shave.

Razor Burn Rescue
Fights razor burn, shaving irritation, razor bumps and ingrown hairs by infusing skin with a unique blend of healing antioxidants and redness reducing anti-inflammatories while Glycolic Acid clears irritating dead skin and debris from hair follicles.

Face Defense SPF 15
Lightweight, oil-free formula infuses skin with shine-free moisture while broad-spectrum sunscreens and antioxidants shield against UVA/UVB damage. This quickly absorbing lotion features patented Skin Repair System to help restore elasticity to environmentally stressed skin.

The hubs had a chance to give these wonderful products a try. He admits that he truly hates shaving and avoids doing it as often as possible. His facial hair involves thick individual hair shafts with a medium density overall, which can make the act of shaving a little painful if done daily. A two to three day growth is really much easier for him.

Much to my better half’s surprise the Murad Man Regimen did help relieve some of the discomfort, not to mention anxiety about shaving and skin care as a whole. The Razor Burn Rescue did soothe his skin after shaving and offered a great finish. For days in the sun, the Face Defense SPF 15 promises a light protection without a greasy feel, but hubby is the first to admit that the sensation of lotion on his face is not a favorite feeling.

His hero, however, was the Murad Cleansing Shave. It helped soften his beard and skin for a better glide, yet did not gunk up the razor like other shaving creams or foams. It washed away easily and narrowed the shave time down enough to be noticeable. He did like the fragrance, which is a feat unto itself but the best result was that he benefited from a closer, more comfortable shave. To him, priceless!...Yes, that's a big thumbs-up!

According to the Murad website, this trio is valued at $96 but retails for $75 when purchased together.

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