Monday, May 18, 2015

Men's Side Parts - Classic Looks

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The Side Part for Men
By Rogelio

While I am not a fan of the classic hairstyles for men, I do have to say that they really are suitable hairstyles for just about any man. Among all the classic hair styles for us guys, the side part is, without a doubt, the most popular men’s hairstyle. And it’s for a reason.

You can pretty much side part any kind of men’s haircut. From a neat taper haircut in the likes of a businessman haircut to the hip and clean Ivy League haircut; you just can go wrong with parting your hair. Because a side part encompasses the styling of the hair to the left or to the right (in a perpendicular fashion to the parted line), this particular hairstyle acts as the parent hairstyle for derivative styles such as the side fringe, messy top, quiff and even the slicked back hairstyle. Thus, it’s in your benefit to be able to give yourself an epically-parted style.

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