Tuesday, June 30, 2015

Lustrous Highlight Contour Duo by Osmosis Colour Mineral Makeup

Lustrous Highlight Contour Duo

As one of the easiest way to create symmetry and dimension, Osmosis Colour Mineral Makeup has launched their new Lustrous Contour Duo. This stunning compact contains a matte bronzer alongside a shimmering highlighter to help you define and flaunt your best features. The contour color will recess light, perfect for applying anywhere you wish to create artificial shadows or disguise fullness. Follow with the highlighter, ideal for areas you want to draw attention to. The key to highlighting is applying this iridescent hue anywhere on the face the sun will naturally hit like the tops of the cheekbones.

Contouring Made Simple by Alejandro Falcon of Osmosis Colour Mineral Makeup
(Alejandro has worked with stars like Gloria Estefan, Celine Dion and Jennifer Lopez.)

If you want to contour or reshape the features of your face, first pinpoint the areas you want to make appear slimmer or less pronounced. Then, the areas that you would like to see accentuated, simply bring them out through highlighting.

Cheeks: If you have rounded cheeks and would like to make them appear slimmer, then start close to the hairline by the ear and move your darker shade formula forward to draw a line.

Then sweep the formula upwards starting from the back and working your way forward, diffusing the color on the cheek area.

Nose: Use a smaller tip brush and add the darker shade on each side of the bridge of the nose, diffusing the color towards the prominent area you want to look slimmer.

Jawline: Sweep the darker color across the jawline and down toward the neck. This gives the illusion of a slender neckline.

Highlighting: Add the highlighting powder on the areas you want to bring out. For the cheeks, usually below the eyes is perfect to enhance. Highlighting the bridge of the nose makes the outer areas look smaller. The most important aspect of contouring is to blend your formulas well enough that you do not see where they connect together.


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