Friday, September 18, 2015

Killer Curls by Kevin Murphy

Go For Killer Curls with Kevin Murphy
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Hair gone flat? Looking for some "boing" to your natural curls? Try this easy how-to steps by the experts at Kevin Murphy.

PRIME with STAYING.ALIVE from roots to tips to even out porosity, moisturise, soften and give the hair flexibility.

PREP with KILLER.CURLS from roots to tips to boost the curl and volume. 

Gently scrunch and dry into the hair using a diffuser and use the air direction to build up the shape. 

Wrap medium sized sections around your fingers and PIN.CLIP flat to control frizz and dry completely. Allow to cool.

FINISH with POWDER.PUFF to enhance and modernize the entire shape. 

There you have it! Perfect coils in just a few ways steps!

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