Saturday, September 5, 2015

Trend Watch: The Lob - Beautiful Lengths

3 Lob Styles to Try Right Now

Think the lob is over? Think again. ​

Thirty-one-year-old blogger Kimberly Pesch has been rocking super-long locks since she was 13 — almost two decades! — ever since a botched haircut made her skittish about cutting her hair. But she's finally decided to part with 8 inches of her natural blonde hair. What's inspired the mega-move — one she was a tad nervous about? A really good cause: Pantene Beautiful Lengths.

Since 2006, Pantene has been collecting hair donations for wigs — it takes eight to fifteen 8-inch-long ponytails to make just one. The wigs are then given to the American Cancer Society, which distributes them to women who've lost their hair during chemotherapy treatment. (Normally, a real-hair wig costs a whopping $800 to $1,200, and health insurance may not cover all of it.)

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  1. Several of these styles would look good on my girls. With my curly hair, I am scared to cut my hair!