Monday, December 28, 2015

Frizz Free Hair Options

Frizz Buzz

Frizzy hair can be dull and unmanageable and is a top complaint among women.

The optimum frizz busting choice for Victor Paul of Victor Paul Salon in Costa Mesa, California is the Brazilian Blowout. This in-salon Keratin infused service closes the cuticle layer and smoothes hair, leaving shiny, frizz-free strands. Having this service done will make blowouts much easier and keep your frizz at bay for several months.

If the Brazilian Blowout is not for you, there are products, tools and techniques that can help tame frizz too.

On the product side, Victor suggests using Royal Blowout by Oribe on damp hair to add shine, polish, smoothness and quicker dry times. Best for medium, thick and or curly textures, this ultra-lightweight blowout spray offers heat protection, reduces brittleness and works to restore hair’s natural lipid content.

Using a ceramic or ionic round brush while blow-drying helps create negative ions, which works to smooth down the cuticle layer. Take smaller sections of damp hair and use slight tension while keeping the brush moving at all times, thus adding control, shine and smoothness.

Use a ceramic flat iron on dry hair, taking smaller sections and smoothing through to set a sleek finish. The ceramic heater and coatings on the paddles help seal in moisture and smooth down the cuticle layer so that hair looks silky and shiny.

Seal in your efforts and prevent frizzing by adding an anti-humidity spray over the surface of dry hair. Victor suggests Imperméable Anti-Humidity Spray, a new product by Oribe.

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