Saturday, January 30, 2016

Flake-Free Winter Tresses

Ditch the Itch
How to Avoid Dandruff In the Winter

The dry air of winter months often brings fun little white flakes that manage to dot dark winter wardrobe at the most inappropriate of times. Yes, we’re talking dandruff here folks and it’s an embarrassing itch that simply needs to go away!

Between arid winter air, blasting heaters, less frequent brushing or shampooing (you know it happens), and regular use of circulation stomping woolen hats, colder months seem to be the most active season for the scratchy matter.

In addition to the contagious fungal form of dandruff, flakes can also be caused by a buildup of hair products, improper diet, use of certain medications or aggravated by high amounts of stress. There are also hormonal, hereditary and allergic issues to take into consideration but those may be best left up to your doctor for treatment.

Click here for some suggestions for combating flakes.

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