Sunday, February 21, 2016

Overnight Gel Masques by Miss Spa

Miss Spa Launches 5 “Sleeping Beauty” Overnight Gel Masques

Miss Spa has launched a new collection of five Overnight Gel Masques that deliver benefits to the skin while sleeping. 
They are water-based and free of parabens, artificial dyes, talc, fragrance and NEVER tested on animals. The masques are packaged in an easy to open, re-sealable pouch that provides three applications each.

The five masques include: Anti-Aging (smooths and refines fine lines and wrinkles), Soothing (calms sensitive and irritated skin), Radiance(brightens and evens out skin tone), Moisturizing (hydrates dry and dehydrated skin) and Purifying (exfoliated and deep cleanses skin). 

  • Anti-Aging - Counteract pesky signs of aging with Miss Spa Anti-Aging Overnight Gel Masque. Infused with Palmitoyl Tripeptide-5, it reduces mimic wrinkles by inhibiting muscle contractions and slow down cellular skin aging.
  • Soothing - Help relieve stressed, aggravated skin with Miss Spa Soothing Overnight Gel Masque. Infused with fruit and plant extracts of Blackcurrant and Cardiospermu, it effectively reduces inflammatory processes and replenishes the damaged skin barrier.
  • Radiance - Breathe new life into lackluster skin with Miss Spa Radiance Overnight Gel Masque. Infused with Oligopeptide-68, it decreases tyrosine oxidation and melanin synthesis to reduce overall skin pigmentation.
  • Moisturizing – Bathe skin in moisture with Miss Spa Moisturizing Overnight Gel Masque. Infused with Adenosine and Papaya, it optimizes the water balance and reduces the trans-epidermal water loss of the epidermis.
  • Purifying - Brighten and soften dull, rough skin with Miss Spa Exfoliating Purifying Overnight Gel Masque. Infused with Pineapple, it removes superficial dead skin cells and restores the skin’s natural radiance and complexion.

How to Use: 
Before going to bed, spend only one minute to gently massage the liquid mask of your choice to cleaned skin until completely absorbed. As you wake in the morning, your skin will be repaired with no need to rinse.

Where to Buy:

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