Friday, February 19, 2016

Styling Leading Men - Get the Look

For the Boys

Celebrity stylist Christine Caras recently spoke out about some of the most popular trendsetters for men's hairstyles.

“The scene in Hollywood today is all about accentuating a lifestyle. And the beauty with the boys is that they range in age, length and overall style with everything from prim and polished to messy and undone,” said Caras.

She continued, "Leonardo DiCaprio Always has a polished look. Seen here with a classic hairstyle, length on top is worn with a side part, while the sides are neatly slicked back. To get this look, simply add styling lotion and blow dry with a vent brush, add a dab of pomade and finger style hair neatly into place."

"George Clooney goes for a short all over look, which is an easy care style. Just add a dash of styling cream, comb hair into place and allow to air dry."

"Johnny Depp’s disheveled ‘do gives a very undone, almost badboy finish.To get this look, add styling foam at the root and blow dry while lifting up sections on top with your fingers. Once dry, work in styling paste and finger-style hair into place."

To read the full interview and check out more celebrity styles for the guys, go to: Focus On Hair Magazine

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