Sunday, May 15, 2016

Hair Advice from our Panel of Experts

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Have a question for our hair experts? Drop us a line! In the mean time here's what they have to say about some of your previous hair questions: 

Q: Are messy buns okay to wear to work?

It all depends on where you work and what their dress code is. The messy bun, when done well, can be super-chic, but is not always best suited to all office environments. They may be better suited for the creative field, BOHO looks and casual Fridays. If you work in a conservative office environment, consider going with a classic smooth bun, French Roll or even a swingy pony, but with accessories to help tie it into your wardrobe. Nothing too fancy, as simple and understated is always best for work.

Pon Saradeth - Pon International

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Q: Is the Ombré / Sombré haircolor craze over or is it just getting into high gear?

Creative ombré and sombré haircolor trends are still popular. This trend is not over, although the salon haircolor application techniques are changing. Most women like to enjoy these multi-dimensional looks as they offer low maintenance as these looks grow out. That is why balyage is also now so popular as it is being used to blend the hair and haircolor on the top of the head with the haircolor on the bottom to create a much softer and more blended look. 

Kaz Amor -Você Haircare

Q: How is texture (curl / wave) now being incorporated into the most current hair trends? 

It is important to note that the newest spring hair fashion directions are that texture is now being incorporated into every trend using softer textures and natural looking hair. With texture being used in the latest bed head looks, loose beachy curls, upstyles and every form of natural waves and curls; the new looks are really very soft, feminine and pretty. The only texture trend that is not happening is the old fashioned perming techniques of the 70s and 80s.

Wendy Matovelle - Hair Culture Salon, Pembroke Pines, Florida.

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