Friday, December 8, 2017

Best Blowouts

The Perfect Blowout

What’s the best way to achieve an at-home blowout that will last for days? According to Sara Caroline, a busy salon owner and an educator for Bosley Professional Strength, the more time that you can spend on your blowout, the longer that it will last. As far as technique, here are her suggestions for achieving the ideal blowout: 

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Color Trends for Winter

Rich Hues

The U.K.’s Anne Veck of Anne Veck Salons is making an illuminating statement for haircolor for the cooler months. This busy color expert is recommending sparks of intensity and warmth through richly hued or softly silver bases. Well aware that these exaggerated statements in cut and color are not for the faint of heart, Anne suggests taking cues from her collection and making them your own...more 

Root Lifting Products

Base Jumping

Add oomph to your hair with volume at the root for a sexy, bodified style. With the help of our favorite sprays, foams, gels, serums, lotions, and powders, even fine, thin hair can flaunt a fuller finish!

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Holiday Gift Guide

Holiday Gift Guide

Ahhhh...the holidays are upon us, so let the gift-giving commence! Scroll down for some of this year's most chilling hair and beauty gift sets...more

Sunday, November 26, 2017

Best Styling Foams

Foaming Up

Looking to add a little structure to your curls, lift to your roots or body to your limp strands? Foam up and slather on any of these gravity-defying mousse stylings products to your hair the ooomph and wow that it needs!

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Benefits of Jojoba Oil

The Many Benefits of Jojoba Oil

From healing acne to smoothing wrinkles, to softening hair, jojoba oil is a must for your beauty arsenal.

Jojoba oils are extracted from the nut of a bush that grows naturally in the southwestern part of the United States. It’s been used by Native Americans for treating wounds and bruises. Over 40 years ago, it made its way into mainstream cosmetics thanks to its innate ability to rejuvenate the skin. Despite its name as an oil, Jojoba oil is actually a liquid wax, making it extraordinarily shelf-stable and easy to use...more

Facts About Flyaways

Flyaway Facts

Ever wonder why flyaways happen? Why those annoying little hairs seem to pop up from everywhere, ruining your otherwise perfect hairstyle? We asked the professionals at Marc Anthony about the cause of flyaways and what can be done about this not-so-fun follicle faux pas.

What are flyaway hairs? How do they form? Flyaways are little bits of hair that, well, fly away. Flyaways are often...more

Full & Stronger Brows

Brow Power

Full, strong brows are here to stay, and stylists are becoming a resource for their guests who are looking to grow them.

“Most people think that you just have to stop fussing with them to get them to grow back, and the truth is, there are many other factors that come into play when you’re growing your brows in that can make a difference on how and when they grow in…from the food you eat to the products you use to the genes you’re born with,” says Malynda Vigliotti (aka Boom Boom), owner of Boom Boom Brow Bar in New York City.

According to Boom Boom, it all starts with patience – for some, it might take only 3-4 months, but it can take up to a full year to see the final results from a strategic brow growth plan.

Here are some of her tips ...more

Friday, October 20, 2017

Ingredient Buzz

Ingredient Buzz
The idea of spa retreats and self-pampering might seem like a foreign concept in today’s society. The average person is constantly on the go and any “free” time is typically divided between work, family, school or some other pressing obligation. Unfortunately, relaxation, more often than not, takes a backseat to life. However, treating yourself to some much-needed peace and serenity is not lost... More. 

Speeding Up Drying Times

Hair Hacks - How to Speed Up Drying Time

It’s no wonder natural and mixed textures are on trend right now - most women just don’t have the time for elaborate styling on a daily basis. So here are a couple of hair hacks to fall back on when in a time crunch. Andrew Carruthers, director of education for Sam Villa, has these tips...More.

Holding Power

So you've created the perfect hairstyle... You've prepped, curled, pinned, primped, and found perfection. Now what? Lock it in place, of course! And the best way to do that? With any number of hair finishing sprays designed to provide just the right amount of hold to your masterpiece. Here are some of our top picks...More.

Baby Bubbles

Hair & Body Care for Kids

Our little ones certainly deserve the best possible hair and body care products for their delicate hair, scalp and skin. That's why we searched far and wide for the best possible products formulated just for the unique needs of the wee ones.

Babo Botanicals

All Babo products are made with a combination of pure plant actives, naturally derived, certified organic, and all-natural ingredients. The line is proudly sulfate, soy, dairy, paraben, mineral oil, almond and peanut oil, phthalate and formaldehyde free. And all baby products are also... More.

Monday, September 18, 2017

Emmy Style Ponies

We all look forward to the Emmy Awards each year to star watch the red carpet and catch a glimpse of the amazing looks throughout the night and well into the after parties.

Two editorial hair artists share a couple of the looks that they created on young starlets for the Hollywood gala. The first is a high, sleek ponytail on actress Sofia Bush who attended the FOX Broadcasting Company, FX, National Geographic and Twentieth Century Television’s Primetime Emmy Awards After Party. Her stunning style was created by Oribe Editorial Stylist Chad Wood who used the perfect high pony to complement Sofia’s sequin gown and accentuate her smokey eyes. 

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Best Styling Powders

Take a Powder
Looking to add a boost of volume or a tad of tousled texture to your tresses? Consider styling powders to help get you there. These fine particle formulations provide a bit of body-amping grit that helps messy, textured or volumized looks take and keep shape. Here are some of our top picks:

David Mallett Volume Powder 
Create long lasting volume and natural bounce by simply apply to the roots of the dry hair and work the roots with your fingertips. Using Volume Powder is like dusting your hair with 1960s volume...More.

Haircolor Forecast

Haircolor Forecast

As seasons change, so too do the trends for haircolor. Traditionally a lightening effect takes place in the spring through the summer and then hues darken up, even cool down in the fall and hit their depths in the winter. These days the reality with haircolor is that pretty much anything goes. Hair, specifically color for hair, has become a canvas for expressing one's individuality and personal sense of style. Yet, still we look to the horizon to forecast what's coming. To stay a step ahead of what will be new and exciting in the world of hair and how it will evolve to accessorize our ultimate fashion statement.

On the lighter side in the days ahead, look for...More.

Beauty at the Emmys

Beauty at the Emmys

TV’s biggest stars glowed on the red carpet last night at the 69th Primetime Emmy Awards. Beauty trends including bold red lips, fresh faces and slicked back hair took the award as our favorites! Get the look of these carpet looks at home with products from Palladio Beauty and Keratin Complex at a fraction of the price. 

Bold Red Lips

Big Little Lies Stars Nicole Kidman and Reese Witherspoon did not disappoint with their bold red lips, matching perfectly with their red carpet ensemble, while The Crown’s Claire Foy chose the same hue, which was perfectly fit for Queen! Try Palladio’s Dreamy Matte Lip Color ($7.50) in Red Carpet for those luscious ruby lips, then pair with the Twisted in Love Mascara ($10), for a subtle, yet sultry eye.

Glowing Skin and Subtle Lips

Shailene Woodley, Anna Chlumsky, and Julianne Hough all went nude… on the lip that is, while amping up their eyes with black eyeliner. Start with Palladio’s I’m Glowing Illuminating Primer ($12), for a subtle sheen to give skin a silky finish and a touch of luminosity and boost of radiance to the foundation. Use the Ultra Fine Eyeliner Pen ($7.50) to create thin, precise lines with just one stroke, and the Velvet Matte Lip Color ($7) in Sateen for a barely-there lip.

Sleek and Wet Hair

Tessa Thompson, Yara Shahidi, and Lea Michele all stepped onto the red carpet sporting sleek and slicked back hair. To replicate this easy-to-create look, start with Iconic Polish High Shine Pomade ($23) to slick back top and sides of hair and give locks a high shine, then work the pomade through by brushing back the sides and top of hair with the Ceramic Icon + Vent Brush ($29). Finish with the Flex Flow Flexible Shaping Hairspray ($25) to tame any flyaways and for a light hold to last all day.

Disclosure: No compensation was offered or taken in exchange for this feature article. I have no affiliation to any of these brands or retailers mentioned and any opinions expressed are my own. 

Tuesday, August 1, 2017

The Cohesion Collection

The Cohesion Collection 

Going for a new look? Consider one of these customized creations by the Trevor Sorbie Artistic Team. The London-based group is pleased to announce their Cohesion collection. Designed to give a glimpse into hair fashion of the upcoming season, this series is all about unifying the cut, color and finish to unveil a customized look for each wearer. The team chose to use classic foundation cuts and then modernized each look with unique but wearable color with a twist in the styling. They started with... More

Best Hair Makeovers

Best Hair Makeovers

There is absolutely nothing better than a great makeover. The hair, the makeup and the wardrobe all coming together to create a stunning new look. Focus on Hair magazine certainly has no shortage of great changes. Prepare to have your jaw drop by clicking here: makeovers.

You can also search hairstyles based on your own need. Check it out for yourself with our Hairstyle 360˚

Fab Finds - New Products & Best Sellers

New & Best-Selling, Emerging Product & Tool Trends From Cosmoprof

Every year our editorial team scours the pro-only trade show floor at Cosmoprof to find the latest hair & beauty product launches and trends. Record numbers of exhibitors from all over the world turned out to showcase new, best-selling and up-and-coming products to the U.S. Take a look at some of the new launches, product and tool trends and fab finds...More.

Easy Curls with EZ Styler - Giveaway

Hot Tools Insta-Curl EZ Styler Giveaway

Create virtually effortless curls in seconds with Hot Tools 1-Inch Insta-Curl EZ Styler. The unique split-barrel design makes quick curls that last using pulse technology. With a fast heat up and instant heat recovery, this iron maintains precise temperatures for uninterrupted heat. There’s a separate on / off switch and an LED temperature switch for high, medium and low heat settings, which spans from 230 - 430˚ F. There’s also a handy 2-hour auto shut-off and an 8-foot cord.

To use, simply slide a section of hair between the barrels, grab the cool tip as needed to roll the iron to take up the section and then release.

1 lucky US-based person 18+ will win one of their own. Enter win below or go to:

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Saturday, July 29, 2017

Blonde Color Keepers

Color Keepers
For Blonde Hair

Blonde hair is especially fragile and requires a special regime of color care products to keep flaxen strands looking their best. Here are some of our top picks for cleansing, conditioning, refreshing, and protective products....More.

Lily's A-List Style

Lily's A-List Style

The 28-year-old To the Bone star and Lancome model is flaunting some envy-worthy style these days, starting with her sultry shoulder-touching hairstyle. Dubbed the perfect mid-length haircut, Lily Collins' long bob or ‘lob’ has been seen clipped bluntly on the ends or slightly grown out with longer layers for a hint of movement. And with each look, a different finish. A sleek, side-parted and tucked back look with a swoopy fringe, offers an Audrey Hepburn quality while amped up volume and a slight bend through the length makes for a casual, laid-back vibe. In other cases her length looks windblown and slightly wild, or is seen on late night TV with a wet-looking finish. Lily Collins' signature style is truly about...More.


The Truth About Split Ends

The Truth About Split Ends

Here’s the skinny about split ends… There are a number of factors that can cause this aggravating issue but only one true cure. And the further away the ends of your hair are from the nutrients at your scalp, the more likely they are to split. Long hair lovers, are you paying attention? Split ends can cause your hair to look dry, frizzy and very un-kept however there are ways to keep them from happening in the first place. Want to know how? Let’s dive in deeper, shall we?

Why Ends Split
Before looking into a remedy, let’s examine the cause of the split to begin with. Split ends can happen for several reasons including...More

Hair Mask DIY

Home Remedies for Dry / Damaged Hair

If your hair looks dry, dull, frizzy, even has split ends, breaks or damages easily, this could be due to a lack of oil production. To remedy this, regular deep treatments may be required to help soften and moisturize strands so they look shiny and healthy. The good news is that there are some simple home remedies that can help.

To create your own hair mask, make a selection of ingredients below and prepare before you step in the shower. Wash your hair as you normally would and squeeze out the excess water. Apply your home mask and distribute throughout your hair, paying careful attention to the ends, where moisture is most needed...More

Saturday, June 17, 2017

Hairstyles from the U.K.

New Hairstyles from the U.K.

Inspired by British fashion campaigns, these new looks by the Ken Picton Art Team are raw but beautiful at the same time. An eclectic mix of off-the-street models offer an ultra real, rather than super polished, vibe. From super short buzz cuts to shaggy lengths and floppy curls to flicky finishes, this series of undone coifs is a glimpse into the shape of hair fashion to come. Who better than the Brits to make what was old, new again, and what's new, so very fresh, and so touchably real. More...

Styling Miss USA

Styling Miss USA 2017

With CHI as the official haircare sponsor for the 2017 Miss USA Pageant, Farouk Systems Global Artist Albert Luiz was responsible for creating Kára McCullough‘s crowning look. Highlighting and amplifying her natural hair texture, Albert shares his step by step tips and the key CHI products used to achieve Kára's winning look.

Step by Steps

According to Farouk Systems Global Artist, Albert Luiz, “The new Miss USA came to Las Vegas with a plan! She wanted to win under her terms by staying true to herself and her natural hair texture! Before the pageant, we introduced her to the CHI Deep Brilliance Olive & Monoi Oil Optimum Moisture Line to help enhance her natural curl. Kára soon realized it was the perfect type of protection and moisture for her natural curls.”

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Wedded Bliss - Bridal Hair

Beautiful Hairstyles and Hair Advice for Today's Bride

For those looking for bridal hair inspiration, specialists from around the world stepped up to showcase some of the modern options for brides and the bridal party. And the array is simply stunning.

See the full article here.

Relax with Aromatherapy

Aromatherapy for Relaxation

Are you all jittery, impatience, irritable, and restless? Do you feel like you aren’t making the perfect decisions in particular situations? I, too, underwent through a similar phase last year. While handling workplace and family issues, I was spiraling out of control.

I went through some soul searching and discovered that I needed to take care of myself. I had to ensure I bequeathed myself some pampering. Guess what? The pampering worked! I found that aromatherapy helped me improve my psychological status and hence my overall performance. Let me take you through some tips to getting back your control. 

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Sunday, May 28, 2017

Is Blu the Hue for You?

Add Chill to Your Haircolor Repertoire with These Fashion Shades

With all of the fun fashion colors available today, have you ever thought about going blue? Or "La Blu" as hair maven Rae Palmer calls it... This rich indigo shade can be used for pops of coolness through blond or brunette bases, to contrast strawberry shades or to add icy appeal all over. A perfect transition from pure or nearly pure platinum or to add chill to the deepest brunettes, this hue complements... more...

Backstage Hair Secrets

Backstage Hair Secrets & Styling Tips from the HairStylist on Jane the Virgin

Michelle Rene Elam, the department head of hair on CW’s Jane the Virgin, shares her TV styling secrets and tips for creating the hair on Season 3. What is a typical day of filming like? How do you keep the hairstyles looking freshly styled for hours at time with HD cameras? Michelle Rene Elam shares a glimpse backstage.

A Typical Hair Day on Set

A typical hair day is a marathon of creating styles. While we are designing the actors looks, executing hair changes through the day, and staying on top of their upkeep on set, we are also wig shopping and designing the next episode. We had an episode where waterfalls of gushing water fell on different actors. We had to shoot everything with their hair dry so...

New Looks from the UK

Do You Dare?
Inspired by British fashion campaigns, these new looks by the Ken Picton Art Team are raw but beautiful at the same time. An eclectic mix of off-the-street models offer an ultra real, rather than super polished, vibe. From super short buzz cuts to shaggy lengths and floppy curls to flicky finishes, this series of undone coifs is a glimpse into the shape of hair fashion to come. Who better than the Brits to make what was old, new again, and what's new, so very fresh, and so touchably real.

Click here to view the full collection.