Sunday, May 28, 2017

Is Blu the Hue for You?

Add Chill to Your Haircolor Repertoire with These Fashion Shades

With all of the fun fashion colors available today, have you ever thought about going blue? Or "La Blu" as hair maven Rae Palmer calls it... This rich indigo shade can be used for pops of coolness through blond or brunette bases, to contrast strawberry shades or to add icy appeal all over. A perfect transition from pure or nearly pure platinum or to add chill to the deepest brunettes, this hue complements... more...

Backstage Hair Secrets

Backstage Hair Secrets & Styling Tips from the HairStylist on Jane the Virgin

Michelle Rene Elam, the department head of hair on CW’s Jane the Virgin, shares her TV styling secrets and tips for creating the hair on Season 3. What is a typical day of filming like? How do you keep the hairstyles looking freshly styled for hours at time with HD cameras? Michelle Rene Elam shares a glimpse backstage.

A Typical Hair Day on Set

A typical hair day is a marathon of creating styles. While we are designing the actors looks, executing hair changes through the day, and staying on top of their upkeep on set, we are also wig shopping and designing the next episode. We had an episode where waterfalls of gushing water fell on different actors. We had to shoot everything with their hair dry so...

New Looks from the UK

Do You Dare?
Inspired by British fashion campaigns, these new looks by the Ken Picton Art Team are raw but beautiful at the same time. An eclectic mix of off-the-street models offer an ultra real, rather than super polished, vibe. From super short buzz cuts to shaggy lengths and floppy curls to flicky finishes, this series of undone coifs is a glimpse into the shape of hair fashion to come. Who better than the Brits to make what was old, new again, and what's new, so very fresh, and so touchably real.

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Best Rollers for Your Curl

Roll With It

There are different rollers for all types of curl and wave, as well as for adding body and lift. To help sort out what to use and when, here are our suggestions for achieving the desired amount of bend, wave or volume.

In General

Before discussing the types of rollers, let’s visit a few roller basics

1. The roller size will determine how much curl, bend, wave or volume you will get. Just keep in mind, the smaller the roller, the tighter the curl. The length of your hair and the size of the section will also come into play. The longer or thicker your hair is, or the thicker the section of hair being curled, the looser the curl will be.

2. Wrap the section of hair tightly and securely around the roller, as tension creates a good curl.

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